A happy Christmas.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

 These 'ho ho lights' belonged to Alex's great grandmother. They've become my favorite thing to pull out each year.

Alex's mom made these from walnut shells when he was a kid. They're a favorite too.

We name our Christmas tree each year - this year: Howard the Ho-Ho tree.

As Christmas creeped nearer this year, it didn't actually feel like Christmas. I prepared myself for a Christmas on the road, the absence of a tree, few presents, but I was pleasantly surprised. What I didn't know was the simplicity of a Christmas without a lot of built up hype and a few presents and a small tree would make it more meaningful and magical than any Christmas before it. I have to say, this was such a soul nourishing holiday for our family. Things are so in between right now and while I would usually be full of stress and anxiousness because of it, I am in a strange calm. The in between has brought a 'anything is possible' feeling to our lives and home and while we're still a bit stressed and tired of packing and cleaning, we're somehow content with each other and the hope that fills our hearts. Christmas is my favorite time of year (Alex is a bit of a scrooge, but he comes around more and more each year.), so you would think I would be inspired to document it all and fill this post with beautiful pictures. I get so wrapped up in the joy of it all that I forget to pick up my camera much each Christmas morning. I get busy savoring my favorite moments - putting Ev's Christmas pajamas on (I'm pretty sure the thrill will never wear off.), the joy of the first gift opened and knowing that just one would have been enough for her, the mess that we shuffle through for hours (even days) because we're in the Christmas spirit too much to take the time to clean it this second.

I jump into the Christmas spirit so enthusiastically that I end up with just a few blurry pictures of Ev opening a gift and that's it, but I've learned to be content in sacrificing beautiful pictures for beautiful moments and memories. All too often I'm on the sidelines, behind the lens and forget to actually live. Our original plan was to be on the road for Christmas, but the closer it got, the more we needed rest. So we decided to take a few days out of our schedule to spend on quality family time and celebrating the hope of Christ. Today, we're back at it. Alex has a final to take and we have boxes to pack and things to drop off at Goodwill, but the joyous memories of the past few days are accompanying us. 2014 is going to be a whirlwind of a year for the Jacobs family full of long drives and separation and new places, but it is going to end with a reunited family and a new home - that's what will keep us going. I'm doing my best to keep up with the writing and picture taking (mostly because it helps me process this hectic time in our lives and it's always interesting to look back on words from these transition periods in our lives), but we have a lot to get done so it may be quiet around here for a few weeks. If you want little updates on our progress and road trip, follow me on Instagram. 

Following this rambling collection of words, will be bits and pieces of our Christmas day, but first I wanted to throw some appreciation out into the universe. When Alex and I first discussed the idea of uprooting our family and moving to New York City, we said it would literally take a miracle for it all to come together. And while we still have a few loose strings to tie up, our prayers have been answered time and time again over the past month and we have been blessed. We entered into this adventure with just a thousand dollars in savings and a few debts we wanted to get rid of. Two weeks ago, Alex sold his truck and we were able to pay off our other vehicle (which we would have gotten rid of, but Alex will need it to drive from Brooklyn to the base at the end of Long Island). And just a few days ago, a family came to look at our home and we signed a contract yesterday. It even looks like we'll be getting money in our pockets at closing! I say all of this to give a great big thank you for all of the support and love and pats on the back that we've gotten from family and friends, including all of you wonderful people who are just friends I haven't met yet. It's a privilege to share pieces of our life with so many kindred spirits and I hope that the kindred spirits keep showing up in this little space in 2014. I hope your Christmas was filled with love and family and the peace that comes with knowing that you are loved by the God of the Universe.

We have a long standing tradition of opening our Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, along with our stocking.
After we finished, Ev was just on a roll and decided to go after the rest of the presents.
We asked her to wait until Christmas morning, but she was not happy about it.

When we went home to Alabama in October, Evie encountered two of these cozy coupes at people's homes and
fell in love. We were pretty sure we would be moving into a smaller space soon and wouldn't have the room, so I resisted getting her one for Christmas. I got her a tiny ornament one instead and she loved it, though she was upset
that the doors didn't open like they do on the real thing.

Alex picked out cheesy New York City ornaments for Ev and I for obvious reasons.
Ev's great grandparents sent her snowman straws and a recordable Frosty the Snowman book
(with their voices reading the story, of course). These and a doodle board from her grandpa were probably
her favorite gifts, but it's hard to tell this soon after Christmas.
After we finished our own Christmas festivities, we went over to some friends' home and let Ev and
their little boy decorate a gingerbread house. It was a hit and ended up a sticky, slobbery, smushed mess
just like a toddler's gingerbread house should be. 
Then we went sledding in the middle of the night by the light of a utility lamp and my heart swelled five times its size
from witnessing my kids bravery and joy. The first time we've taken her sledding and she insisted on going by herself.


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