Friday, January 31, 2014


Tuesday, October 23rd.
We made a scarecrow today, but you had to try the hat on first of course.
An airplane went over us and you were mesmerized. 


Wednesday, October 24th.
This is your morning routine - bed head, footy pajamas, and all, you make your way to the piano
and bang and laugh then you start shouting 'MOM! EAT!'


Thursday, October 25th.
You can't figure out who this guy sitting in our front yard is.


Friday, October 26th.
Fall in New Mexico is a magical time of year, and magical times of the year call for no pants of course.

Saturday, October 27th.
Even with most of the leaves on the ground and summer nearly gone,
the hammock is still your favorite place to be.

Sunday, October 28th.
You love to collect the eggs. You try not to smile as you make your way to the back door,
clutching the egg with both hands. I thank you and you beam with pride.

Monday, October 29th.
We made some Fall leaf sun catchers and you were really proud of them.
You even ran to the door when Papa got home, grabbed his hand and pulled him along excitedly to show him.

I'm doing my best to catch up on this 365 project, so bear with me.
I had a little disaster with a faulty external hard drive and it put me behind.


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