Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 30th.
We carved pumpkins and you really enjoyed playing in the mush that we scraped from the inside.

Wednesday, October 31st.
We all dressed up as astronauts and went to a trick or trunk at a church with a few friends.
It was loud and cold, but you were happy to just be around so many kids and being allowed to eat candy.

Thursday, November 1st.
We all went on our first family date tonight and it started with a trip to the park.
I chased you through the playground equipment for over an hour and the weather was beautiful.
It was like Fall was showing off and giving us a final farewell. When it started to get late, we grabbed some Thai food, took you to your first movie, Monsters University, and finished the night off with some frozen yogurt.

Friday, November 2nd.
You played in piles of leaves for the first time today. I spent the morning raking them into piles and
by the end of the day, they were scattered all over the yard again.

Saturday, November 3rd.
I made some morning glory muffins and we sat down to eat them for breakfast. I was busy enjoying mine and
you kept asking for 'more, more' at an alarming rate. I thought you were just really enjoying them,
but I caught on eventually and started searching for where you were putting your muffin - in your shirt.

Sunday, November 4th.
You're such a clever, cheeky little person.

Monday, November 5th.
I caught you with your hand in the cereal box -
and spreading cereal all over the floor around you.



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