Friday, January 31, 2014

Wednesday, December 18th.
Hey, crazy hair.

Thursday, December 19th.
You like coffee as much as Mama and Papa do.

Friday, December 20th.
We take a picture in this same spot each time we come to the aquarium.

Saturday, December 21st.
We're moving in two weeks, so I wasn't sure about putting up a tree, but a friend of ours dropped off a tiny artificial one and you loved helping us decorate it. No matter how crazy life gets, you have to put up a Christmas tree.

Sunday, December 22nd.
I'm not sure I would have ever pegged you as a snow-loving kid, but you are.
As long as there's snow, you won't mutter a single complaint about cold noses or fingers or toes.
You would play in it for hours if I could stand being outside in it that long.

Monday, December 23rd.
You love the days Papa doesn't have to go to work.
Your mood brightens with him around.

Tuesday, December 24th.
Happy Christmas Eve, love. You fell in love with a cozy coupe car a few months ago and
I had plans to buy you one for Christmas until we found out we'd be moving to Brooklyn.
I knew there would be no room for a real one in our apartment, so I got you a cozy coupe car ornament.


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