Best of 2013 • Part I • January - June

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In 2014, I don't plan on continuing the picture a day project that I did last year, but I don't want to stop documenting
the little moments of our lives - so I won't. Here are some of the little moments that made up our 2013.
It is so rewarding and heartwarming to be able to look back on each piece of our year and relish in slight changes and simple moments that may have otherwise been forgotten had I not had my camera in hand.
Here's to another year of documenting this little girl's delight. 

In January, Ev learned how to stick out her tongue and found her belly button,
I started the 365 project and shot my first picture on manual,
and Alex brewed his first batch of beer (an Irish Stout).

In February, we started a tradition of taking a picture on front of the clock on Ev's birthday at the time that she was born.
Evie collected her first egg from our backyard chickens.


In March, Ev went to her first birthday party and encountered a balloon, tasted her first chocolate chip cookie
(and peanut butter and jelly sandwich), and took her first steps.
We took a trip to Santa Fe to celebrate my 23rd birthday and took Ev to the aquarium for the first time.


In April, we found out about Ev's heart condition, went on lots of hikes, and left for a two and a half week road trip.


In May, we took a long road trip, stopping in Galveston, Texas, where Ev had her first experience with the beach.
She was also a flower girl for the first time. We spent many weekends at the Farmer's Market munching on radishes and welcomed Summer by buying Ev her first pair of jelly sandals.

June was all about lazy Saturday mornings, pig tails, bubbles, watermelon, and buying Ev her fist tricycle.


  1. Adorable photos. I'm new here — I'm curious, did you blog about the roadtrip? How did you plan it? I want to go on one exceptionally bad (about 2 weeks' because that's all my Mr can get out of work for).

    1. I linked to the video I posted above (if you hover over the text), but as far as logistics go I didn't blog about any of that. Ev is a really good traveler, so we just picked points on the map that we're 6-7 hours away and did it. Our route was mainly through the Southern US, but I would love to take a road trip through the Northern cities and East coast some day. We're going to be in the DC area and NYC area this year, so if those end up on your list of places to go, I would love to answer any questions you have/suggest kid friendly things to do. We just moved back to the East coast, but we have a long list of places to see this year!

    2. Oh okay, thanks! My iPad doesn't show there being a link, haha sorry. Caydence is good traveler too so I'm hoping to get out of the house more often. I will definitely be in touch for kid friendly activities because we do want to visit DC.




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