Best of 2013 • Part II • July - December

Thursday, January 9, 2014


We started July off by celebrating the Fourth on our roof, eating popcorn and watching our neighbors
(who have too much time and money on their hands) shoot of fireworks.
The rest of the month was basically spent playing in the sprinkler in the backyard and hanging out in the hammock.

In August, we spent lots of time making funny faces in the mirror and swinging in the park.

September is the golden month in New Mexico - we took advantage of it with a lot of time outside.


October was a full month! We built forts, went to the Balloon Fiesta and the pumpkin patch,
spent a weekend hiking in Los Alamos, played in the leaves,
carved pumpkins, made a scarecrow, and celebrated Halloween as astronauts.


In November, we savored the last days of Fall with plenty walks through the neighborhood and hikes at local parks.
and took a sporadic road trip to Alabama to say farewell to two (of Ev's) great great grandmothers.

We welcomed Winter with a big bowl of snow cream, got the news that we were moving and
started getting our house ready to sell (by renovating the entire living room in on weekend),
went to the annual holiday party at the birthing center where Ev was born,

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  1. Love this! I voted for ya and wish you luck. I love that you guys took a trip to New York to see if you wanted to move there — my husband and I are going to be visiting different parts of California to see if we can find that place we click with (especially San Diego!) If nothing jumps out at us, we'll be traveling all over regardless — I'm sure we will love something eventually :-)

    1. Thanks, Celena! It was a last minute trip solidified by finding red eye tickets for $200 each. It was kind of fun just buying tickets and leaving a few days later though! We had never done that before and felt like gypsies. ;)



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