Simple Moments • 12 • Spontaneity and Donuts

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last year, I read a book that at the time I was iffy about - 'A Thousand Gifts.' The idea resonated with me, but I just didn't connect with the writing style. I sort of felt like I was fumbling through what she was saying and nothing ever hit me like it should have considering the topic she was writing about. Don't get me wrong, I definitely brought something away from the book, but it just wasn't what I thought it would be. I attempted to start a grateful project on Instagram last year, but I would find myself holding in my thoughts for this space and would never share them there. I've been holding onto this idea for a few months now, trying to figure out just how to execute it, whether it would be over sharing, etc. Finally I just decided to jump right in and figure it out as I go along. My favorite part of the 'picture a day' project that I did last year was how it forced me to slow down and cherish moments and quirks of Ev's that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise. This is what I'm trying to accomplish with this series, I guess - I don't want to stop capturing all of the little moments in our days. Sometimes there are pictures that I take just for the simplicity of the moment, the happiness we're all feeling, but I don't always have to words to go along with them. I want them to be documented - they're nothing exciting, just everyday moments, but they mean something to me.

Before becoming parents, Alex and I would get the urge to explore and we would hop in the car and go. We have so many good memories of sitting in our tiny apartment, admiring the city lights of Birmingham from our window, talking about dreams and adventures and places we wanted to go. Sometimes we would pick a trail and walk for miles just to find out what was at the end of it and sometimes we would just try a new restaurant. Those kind of opportunities don't come along as often for us these days, but we're determined to find our way back to them as a family of three. A few days ago, we went out past bedtime just to get doughnuts and all the familiar feelings that come with spontaneity bubbled up inside of me again. Our pre-parent selves would have scoffed at what our 'dates' look like these days but in a weird way, there is still a lot of romance to be found in the ordinary. After almost two years, we are still learning to adjust to this new life with a tiny human in tow and sometimes we just have to smile and remind each other that right now date night looks like a donut run.

If you know us at all, you know that we're not huge fans of sweets so this was a real treat for us, but especially Ev. She was shaking with excitement and squealing as we watched through the glass window as the doughnuts moved along the conveyor belt. We walked up to the case full of all of the different kinds and I told her she could pick one out - she pointed at a cheesecake filled one and the man behind the counter put it in our box. I always choose the chocolate iced donut with rainbow sprinkles because that's what my dad always bought me when we'd go out for donuts. I was initially going to get one for Ev instead of letting her choose her own and it turns out I should have - when we all sat down, she just wanted to eat my fun colorful donut, not her cheesecake one. Lucky for her, it's pretty easy for me to share with someone so cute. When we went to checkout, Ev spotted some balloons that were hanging by the register and she loves balloons. She feels about balloons the way the little girl from Despicable Me feels about stuffed animals. And the lady let her have them and her night was made and we spent the entire ride home batting them out of the front seat and away from our heads. The end.

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