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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few days before Christmas, Alex casually mentioned that he would like me to make him a hat someday. I, of course, didn't have the time to make him one before Christmas, so in a moment of stocking stuffer shopping craze I ran to Hobby Lobby just for a skein of yarn. I looked and looked and finally settled on a rugged gray yarn, the only 100% wool yarn that they had (which reminds me - I would love some recommendations on your favorite all natural yarn and where to find it). I put it in his stocking with an 'I owe you a hat' tag on it. Somehow it made it into one of the boxes that were important enough to be put onto the trailer, all the way here, and into our storage unit. I've been itching to do something, anything creative since well, it's winter with a toddler, but we don't have a lot of room with our temporary living situation so I can't drag out the sewing machine. So I grabbed my crochet and drawing supplies and decided to make do with these things until we move to Brooklyn.
Alex originally requested a hat, but that was before we moved back to the East coast where scarves aren't accessories - you actually need them, and he's never been much of a scarf man before now. So he looked at my scarf that is so big it might actually be a blanket with envy a few days ago and I thought I'd whip one up for him. In my experience, crocheting for men is really hard. There are so many girly, frilly scarf and hat patterns out there, but few simple or handsome patterns suitable for men. I set out to find one and settled on a basket weave scarf, which is turning out really well so far. His birthday is coming up next month, so I thought I would finish it up by then and give it to him along with a few books on wild edibles and survival in the Northeast (he's an outdoor nerd).

What kind of crafty things are you working on lately? How do you stay busy in the Winter?


  1. beautiful color and the hat is going to be lovely. my mom used to put yarn in boxes wrapped up and a note inside saying it was a sweater or a scarf, because she ran out of time. Cascade is an excellent yarn brand and I believe they have an eco friendly line. I knit with their regular 220 and it's perfection!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Karen! I'll have to check out Cascade and see where I can buy it around here.

  2. The scarf is beautiful and he will definitely put it to good use up here. Brooklyn is one of my favorite boroughs and the northeast will be glad to have you guys! Happy transitioning!



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