Film • Summer 2013 + Our Trip to NYC

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here's a little video of our Summer adventures to bring some joy to your Tuesday. It was so nice to reminisce of warm days in the midst of the really cold and rainy weather we've been having on the East coast. These clips have been waiting around for months now and I finally forced myself to sit down and devote some time to putting them all together last weekend. It sounds like a chore, but I really love sifting through all of the videos to create these. The finished product is really rewarding. If you want to have video footage of your memories, but aren't sure how to manage all of the clips, separating them into months or seasons is a great way to organize them all. If you do decide to start creating little videos of your family adventures, be sure to share them with me - I really love watching them! (One of my favorite blogs, Documenting Delight, has some great ones.) If it seems overwhelming, it isn't - the more videos I create, the better I get and the faster I can put them together.


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