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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

little hands trying to steal googly eyes

You know, I'm a really big proponent of technology - I mean I use it and enjoy it every day, but sometimes I just miss the pen-pal days. Sometimes I wish that someone would just pick up the phone and call or send a letter instead of checking in on Facebook or sending a quick text. Why does everything have to be 'quick' these days, especially when it comes to our relationships? I've been thinking a lot about ways that we can connect more as a family without technology lately and one of the most obvious ways is a handwritten card. We were wandering the isles of the craft store and Ev spotted the googly eyes. She thought they were so funny and was laughing loud and hard, saying 'EYE!' over and over again, so I grabbed a few packs of big ones and some materials to make cards for Valentine's Day to send to our faraway family. I say this craft is 'for toddlers' because finding ideas that are two year old appropriate is hard, but I think any kid would enjoy this and there is so much you can do with this basic idea. The main things that you'll need are a handful of some sort of plain cards/envelopes, some paint/brushes, googly eyes, heart stickers, and letter stickers. I also used some washi tape to spruce up the cards and seal the envelopes. All of our craft supplies are in storage, but I found most of this stuff on sale at Michael's. (They also always have coupons online.) I made some homemade stamps from a potato and a toilet paper roll too, but Ev doesn't grasp the concept of a stamp yet, so they weren't used much. She mostly just dipped them in paint and smudged it around.

painting a 'nun' (sun)

We started with the part Ev could do on her own and I finished the cards while she was napping the next day. We just used a cheap pink acrylic paint and I taped the card down to make it a little easier for her to manage. After it dried I hot glued the eyes to the cards and decorated with washi tape and stickers. I used some of the extra stickers to spell out some of the names of the people we're sending them to and 'Evie' on the others. Then I wrote some little notes in each of them, addressed them, and sealed them up with a bit of pretty tape. It was fun for her, simple for me, and I think our family members will get a smile out of them.

Have you done any toddler-friendly crafts for Valentine's Day?


  1. Omigosh! SO cute! Those glitter stickers are amazing.

    (p.s. I found you through the blogger's digest @ pig and dac)

    1. Thanks! Glad you found me! Chekcing out your blog now. ;)

  2. What cute little Valentine's :)
    xo TJ


    1. Thanks! So glad you commented. Wandered over to your blog and I love it!



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