52 in 2014 • Week 10

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Babyhood is such a fleeting stage. It's kind of funny, really. So many people spend so much time planning for and weighing their choices surrounding the decision to 'have a baby' when in reality, you only have a baby for a year, two years at the most. That year was such a whirlwind for us - I changed as rapidly as you changed, I pushed my body to do things I never thought it could do through birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and I learned to love someone as much, if not more than myself or Papa. It's monumental if you think about the fact that it took longer than ten years of knowing your Papa and spending almost every waking moment with him over the last five years to love him in the way that I do, then you come along and that love that took so long to nourish with him just happens with you. The common puzzle piece metaphor is so very fitting for motherhood and your bond with a child. Like anyone else, I thought a lot about your 'firsts' when I was pregnant with you. I focused a lot on the obvious ones like crawling and walking and words and smiles, but I failed to realize that they come along long after the first year of your life and the simplest ones are usually the most meaningful. Don't get me wrong, boy did my heart soar when you took your first steps towards me, but there's something about watching you discover shadow puppets for the first time and the joy in a moment that simple that will stick with me for life. When life has passed us by and I'm seeing your face in the faces of my grandchild(ren), I will smile more thinking of the simple firsts than the ones that happened due to plain physical maturity. You walked and crawled and talked because you were ready to walk and crawl and talk, but you said 'I love you' for the first time because you really meant it and the look on your face when discovering that you could make animal shadows was pure joy.

'The older you get, the more you realize that it isn't about the material things, or pride or ego.
It's about our hearts and who they beat for.'
- R. A.


  1. gorgeously put...I like being able to get down on a kids level again & enjoy things for what they are...

  2. That first year really does go so fast. But it shapes the relationship that will continue for years to come. Motherhood is a beautiful thing.

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