52 in 2014 • Week 13

Thursday, May 1, 2014


You are such an inherently grateful and thoughtful kid. Papa made you a simple little necklace with a leather string and some plastic animal beads and you were over the moon. You always get so excited when I bring home a surprise for you, which makes it really hard for me to say no to buying you more toys and things I know you don't need. We were sharing a snack of cheese and crackers today and it came down to the last piece of cheese and the last cracker. I left it alone, wondering what you would do. You grabbed it up and I thought you were going to stuff it into your mouth because you were quite hungry, but you set the piece of cheese on top of the cracker, examined it carefully for any imperfections, set it down gently and slid it across the table. 'Here, Mama. You bite.' you said. So I took a bite and put the other half in your mouth. You smiled a cheese and crumb filled smile and exclaimed, 'Mama shared!' Most of parenting is fumbling around never really knowing whether you're doing it right or not, but every once in awhile your kid does something that makes your heart soar and you think to yourself, 'I guess I'm doing something right.' I love how willing you are to share with other kids. I love how many 'dank you's I get each day for the smallest things. I love how joyful you are when it comes to the simplest things like reading a book. Reading a book is a huge production for you. It isn't simply listening to one story. It's the process of choosing just a few, climbing into my lap, asking 'Mama, you read dis one pease?,' climbing down, putting them back on the shelf, asking for more books, another! Staying at home isn't an easy task for me. It's really challenging for my personality, but I would gladly do it another 10 or 20 years for you. You are so worth it. I'm so thankful I get to spend hours watching you morph into this outstanding little girl.

'If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.'
- Roald Dahl


  1. You are clearly doing so much right. Her expression here is just so beautiful and full of the openness of being utterly loved. You are going through so many adventures too! Big hugs to you. xxxx

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! That was such a very sweet comment. <3

  2. ohhhhh this so sweet! what a precious little girl and yes you are obviously doing many things right, nurturing her sweet spirit :) being a SAHM can be challenging indeed but the benefits (and memories) make it very worthwhile, huh!



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