Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So, Happy Wednesday (or Thursday, depending on whether my kid takes a nap today)! Long weekends are pretty much the best, but you know what I think rivals the long weekend? The short week that follows it - but it almost guarantees I'm going to be walking around asking people what day it is all week. That's one thing I'm terribly bad about (another is getting lost - even with an iPhone in hand I can get turned around in an instant). So this weekend - it was one to remember. We were busy and basically need a weekend after our weekend to recover, but it was a good busy. And I always take a lot of pictures when we're 'good busy' so that's coming up, of course. I always feel a little self conscious when I haul out my big camera that you basically have to prop on your shoulder like a 90's camcorder, and I start taking ridiculous amounts of pictures and asking Evie to go back and do what she just did and she looks at me like 'pfft' and blows me off like any toddler should. I'm always afraid to look like that person, but I'm probably the definition of that person, so I just can't help myself. I try to be cool in front of all the major touristy spots here for fear of looking like a tourist myself, but I just can't because I live here, but I still feel like a tourist on the inside with my heart doing flips inside my chest. I'm hoping to gather up the ten million pictures that I've taken of my kid over the last two years and get them into some sort of album and I know then that being that person will be totally worth it and I might manage to have no shame pulling out my giant camera.

So onto the weekend's festivities - Friday night we did the all American thing and went out for pizza and bowling. The only thing that could have made it more American might have been subbing bowling for baseball, but those tickets aren't cheap dude, so bowling it was. And it was Ev's first time bowling, so we got to spend irrational amounts of time keeping her away from some professional kind of bowlers and telling her not to put her hand in the ball return and there might have been an incident where she pressed the button to reset the pins as a bowling ball was careening down the lane, and it might have smashed into all the fancy bowling equipment, and we might have had to move lanes and apologize to the lady at the front desk profusely for baffling her mind as to what was broken. Then said normally potty trained toddler might have pooped her pants and set a record with the amount of wipes required to clean up said poop. Hashtag two year olds. So on all accounts it could have gone better, but whoever laughed about the time you took your two year old bowling and she was a perfect angel?

Saturday we went into Manhattan because I'd heard of Madison Square Eats and wanted to check it out - and the Flatiron happens to be my favorite, so it was a win win. It runs through May (two more days) and comes back in September - if you go, my advice is to skip everything else and go straight for the La Sonrisa empanadas. I swear the gates of heaven opened when I took my first bite. The guy manning the cart and I were BFF's by the end, on first name bases because I just kept coming back for more. Sadly I didn't manage to get photographic proof of said empanadas because I was too busy stuffing my face with them. I can't even pick a favorite, but if I had to it'd be the coconut curry chicken. Funny story about curry - my mom used to make curry chicken a lot when I was a kid, but when we moved to Alabama she just stopped - I don't know why. Weirdest thing. As I became an adult I would smell this amazingly familiar smell and I could never figure out what it was, but I knew I wanted it, had to have it, so I started asking around and of course, people thought I was crazy because I didn't know what curry was. So I found out it was curry and have been searching out good curry dishes since and can't get enough of it! I'm making up for lost time, I guess. Anyway, who blogs about curry?

Why we can never manage to get a good picture of both Ev and I is one of the great mysteries of my universe.
It is absolutely impossible.

Back to business - After we tried to set an empanada record, we wandered over to the playground in Madison Square Park and let Ev get the wiggles out before getting back on the train. It was the bazilionth rainy day this Spring and we thought about turning back home halfway to the subway stop, but the rain let up before we made it into the city and we were so glad we toughed it out. After being in New Mexico for two years, our poor desert souls and wardrobes just weren't prepared for rain, but we're kind of loving it at the same time. Rain is like a novelty in the desert - it gets people giddy, and the desert hasn't left us yet, so we get a little giddy when the raindrops start falling here. We've just had to accept the fact that we're going to look like those people on rainy days - walking around in sandals with no umbrella, looking like we went for a swim. We need to invest in some serious rain gear stat!

Sunday we did what we always do and we went to church. Afterwards we got this crazy idea to drive to Coney Island. Stupidest idea ever. I wanted to drive our car off a cliff and say good riddance after that escapade. In my defense, my sister was in town and I tried to tell her driving anywhere is never a good idea here, but she just didn't believe me, so we tested out my theory and it turns out, I was right. So all the girls jumped out of the car and wandered down to the shore while Alex drove in circles for an hour and a half because he is a Nazi traffic law follower. You can't convince the man to park illegally ever, anywhere, not even in an emergency. He's the King of 'I'll let you out here and go find parking.' After sitting on the shore for fifteen minutes we decided it was much too cold and the weather app on our phones should never be trusted, walked down the boardwalk to Nathan's for hotdogs, spilled our fourteen dollar drink twice and called it a night. We made a truce with the beach and decided to try again on Memorial Day.

. . . and the beach rewarded our truce with a gloriously sunny day. I know the first day of Summer isn't technically until sometime in June, but Memorial Day always feels like the first day of Summer to me (except in Albuquerque where it would spontaneously snow in the middle of May, then be all 'just kidding,' so you never could tell whether it would be Winter, Spring, or Summer on any given holiday). Memorial Day has never really been an exciting holiday for me. I mean, as a kid we got out of school for it, so there's that, but something about this city made Memorial day feel special - I think it might be my new favorite. I've never lived in a place that felt so much like a community on what is an insignificant holiday to most people. (I know there's nothing insignificant about celebrating the men and women who've fought for our freedom, but I hope you know where I was going with that.) You're all smushed into this city together and almost no one has a backyard, so on Memorial Day you're all sharing spaces in the park and your kids are playing together and it's slightly beautiful, strangers coming together like makeshift villages.

Anyway, we spent most of Memorial Day on the beach at Breezy Point. Like I said, my sister was in town and she has a friend who grew up there, so we got access to a private community beach and it was glorious. The beach seems to be Evie's place - she just falls right into it without any effort at all. She threw her sunglasses on, grabbed her bucket and shovel, and spent hours content to dig in the sand and pick up every shell on the entire beach. I love that she has no concept of broken seashells or big or little - she loved them all! She spent a lot of her time pointing at the skyline yelling 'Dat's Man-hat-an guys! Dat's New Yort! I love New Yort!' We've watched an episode of Daniel Tiger about five trillion times where he goes to the beach, so Ev has been asking to go to the beach since like January. I was happy to make her small dream come true. She woke up this morning, dug her swimsuit out of the clothes hamper, and brought it to me - 'Mama, we go beach? We go whimmin?' I see a lot of beach days in our future.

Whew, that was a long one! Happy (unofficial) Summer, friends!


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