Mother's Day Wishlist

Friday, May 2, 2014


Mother's day is just around the corner (maybe a little too 'around the corner' for me to finally get around to posting a gift guide, but whatever). I love celebrating holidays, especially ones focused around appreciating your family members, but I don't like the commercialized side of holidays that fills your house with clutter and your pantry with junk food. Every time I go to pick out a gift for anyone, a story that my Dad told me about his own mom always comes to mind. He had heard her mention that she needed a new broom, so he went out and bought her one for the next holiday. She unwrapped it and was so offended and thought that her son was trying to imply she was a witch - she chased him out of the house with it! Now that I go back and reread that, it isn't such an exciting story after all, but I'm running with it. I guess it's one of those 'you had to be there' stories. . . Now I guess I take after my dad in that I generally like to buy and receive useful gifts, but for some reason Mother's Day is different. I think Mother's day (and Father's day) gifts should be indulgent - something she normally wouldn't buy herself, so I've rounded up a list of things that are sure to please the Mama or wife in your life (or yourself - I'm not above buying myself gifts at this point). My husband says I have an impressive knack for gift picking - that's gotta mean something, right?

Here's a simple little list of ideas: a stylish version of something functional (like the camera strap or phone case), some succulents and pretty pots for the hopeless houseplant killers out there (like me), a pair of sunglasses since beach weather is coming soon (hallelujah), a few pricey little body care or makeup items that she probably wouldn't buy for herself, a pair earrings you know she'll love (The New Mexico in my soul is really loving the modern turquoise jewelry options that are popping up lately), or a delicate ring. Also, BOOKS! How did I not think of books when I was putting this together? Books are always a good option. And wine (my favorite red). And candles. Never underestimate the power of a good candle as a gift.

Happy weekend, friends!


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    1. Thank you! You have some great products over there! I would love to partner with you if you're ever interested in sponsorship. Have a lovely day!



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