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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When we announced that we were moving to Brooklyn, so many people were surprised and some were almost. . . offended. People tend to do that when they pride themselves on thinking you're a certain person, then you throw them through a loop. You see, we love being outside. I would even go so far as to say we're farm people at heart. We dream of a simple home, a big garden, fruit trees, chickens, and Papa says goats, but we'll debate that at another time. But we're young and haven't seen much, haven't done much yet, so we decided on a city adventure. The plan is to put in our time now on degrees and businesses, then when we're able to have that idyllic home we've dreamt of we'll have the time and energy to enjoy it. City living makes that all a bit easier - no car, no yard to mow - it just makes things simpler for us. New York City won't be our forever, but what plenty of people don't know is that there are a myriad of places to go that transport you far away from the city. There are miles and miles of beautiful parks in the city and plenty just a short drive away. One of my biggest worries when moving here was that we wouldn't be able to get you out into nature enough. You seem to flourish there and I didn't want to take that from you, but we seem to be finding our nature spots. Most weekends we're able to add another one to our list. I love watching you come alive here. I love watching you run with abandonment through the trails and the trees, then holding your tired body in my lap on the train ride home.

You've become an expert pigeon-spotter (and chaser).

We went for a picnic down by the shore today. I saw a little boy picking dandelion puffs and it dawned on me that I had never shown you how they float in the wind when you blow them. So we picked the whole field of them and you practice, practice, practiced and spent all your wishes on a 'stooter' or 'bike.' Things have been a bit out of sorts these days. I find myself wondering what to do to keep you entertained during the day and then something small like this makes me realize that there is still so much you've never experienced before, so many small things that you take joy in. I just have to guide you to them. On our picnic, we also saw a group of preschool kids marching and singing and you would have thought it was a circus by the way your face lit up. The teacher asked them all to stop and say hello and wave to you and you squealed with excitement. I'm hoping to find some friends for you to play with soon. I know you must be a little lonely.


6 things I never want to forget about you at 2 years, four months:
(because I couldn't settle on just 5)
1. In the morning you wander over to the bedroom door and yell for me, 'Mama!' then you knock on the door. I hear those little taps and I put down my coffee and whatever I'm reading and I walk to the door. When I open it, you give me an excited, 'Hi! Good morning!' (You always awake bright eyed and bushy tailed and alas, I do not, so I get up before you to prepare myself for the onslaught of giving I'll have to do throughout the day.) I pick you up and walk you into the living room where you always notice that the yoga mat is out and ask, 'Mama, you doing yogurt? Dat you yogurt mat?'
2. We have one bedroom, so we all sleep in the same room, of course. When we left Albuquerque, we left our bed and your crib behind, so we're all just sleeping on mattresses on the floor right now. We usually come to bed a bit later than you and we often find that you've crawled off your mattress and over to my spot in our bed, curled in a ball in a sea of blanket, head on my pillow and all.
3. For awhile you hated to have your hair brushed. The compromise that we made was that you got to brush my hair after I was finished with yours. You liked that so much that you sporadically ask if you can brush my hair throughout the day. You even ask me to take my 'pony' out for you. You also love when I tickle you with the ends of it.
4. You have a pair of white Mary Jane dress shoes that I got for free at a thrift store on the base in New Mexico. They're scuffed and the soles are worn, but you love them just the same and want to wear them everywhere, with anything, rain or shine. They're the only shoes you love more than your rain boots.
5. I love the way you say snack - 'fffnnnnack' with the and f and n blown out your nose. It takes you an immeasurable amount of time to say, 'Mama, I want a fnnnaaack pease.'
6. I'll never get over way you acknowledge the camera coming out with an emphatic 'cheeeessse!' followed by a pucker to try and hide your smile.


  1. There's parks in the city!!! Beautiful ones! And since you don't have a giant backyard or a forest down the street, it'll mean you have to drive to and go to those places and it'll make it more special for her when she's there. Sometimes when people have so much of something they don't take advantage of it at all because it's just always there waiting for them. My daughter says cheese the minute she sees my camera too! Adorable pictures :)

    1. Exactly. When we had a beautiful backyard just outside our doors we could hardly find the time to be out there or mow the grass/take care of it all. We've spent more time outside in our few months here than at any point in Albuquerque.



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