Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have about a dozen draft posts just sitting in a folder. Every now and then I browse through them and regret not finding the time because they are precious memories and I know if they aren't documented here, they probably won't be remembered. The pictures will always be there, but words really do bring the pictures to life. I do my best to catch up, but a few always slip through the cracks and I run out of time/the relevancy has passed or I struggled too hard for too long to find the words and focus to finish. I try to make sure that I'm writing here even if life is busy because I know that my soul finds peace in pouring out our lives on these pages. If I'm not writing, then those thoughts are piling up in the corners of my mind and I feel cluttered and uninspired. I guess you could say life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. It's a good thing, to be so wrapped up in each other that you forget to write it all down, but it also helps me keep things in perspective when daily life is just not enthusing me. A few months ago, I entered a giveaway over at Hey Natalie Jean for a six month membership to How About We for Couples and I was super ecstatic to win. I mean what better time to win six planned outings than the month you're moving to a new city?! With the membership you get a free date each month and this month is month number two. Last month we went to Station in Williamsburg for sliders, fries, whiskey, and table side s'mores.

Even before we had children, we knew we would be those parents that bring their child(ren) along on all of our adventures. We've been here a short time, but it's already obvious that most people in this city are surprised by this. It made me uncomfortable for a brief moment, but it's just one of those things we feel strongly about, so we brush it off and keep doing what works for us. Don't get me wrong, a date night sounds heavenly, but there's magic in making memories as an entire family that I'm not willing to sacrifice every time we go out. So we threw Ev in the carrier and subway-hopped across Brooklyn all the way over to Williamsburg. Alex and I snacked on some delicious sliders and fries and sipped on beer and whiskey while Ev had a bowl of tomato soup all to herself. When I was looking at this date on the How About We website, the food and atmosphere sounded fantastic, but because I'm still a kid at heart, the s'mores were what I was really after and I knew Ev would love them too. She was ecstatic about the marshmallows and chocolate separately, but promptly pushed the graham crackers away, which is what everyone else really wants to do when they're eating s'mores if we're honest. I wasn't sure about this being a kid friendly date at first, but we ended up having a really fun night together. The food was tasty, Alex and I got to have a smidgen of an adult conversation, and there were no meltdowns to be had by the two year old - success.

 On to date number two!

May has been a sort of busy month for us, but it's hard to pinpoint what we even did that kept us so busy. It's sort of been one of those black hole months where you arrive at the end of it and think 'June?! How is it already June?' I realized in the middle of the week that the end of the month was like 3 days away and we hadn't used our free date yet, so I hopped on the website and sifted through the family friendly options (they have a lot, which is really nice for occasions like this when it's too short notice to find a babysitter). I saw 'scavenger hunt at a candy shop' and knew that would take minimal effort and wrangling on our part to pull ourselves together and make it happen. So Saturday afternoon, we headed down to the Lower East Side to Economy Candy. The place was jam packed, but it kind of made it all the more exciting! I'm super nerdy when it comes to these things and I start breaking up into teams and talking strategy, whereas Alex is more of a wanderer. Evie went bonkers from the beginning and wanted to eat everything. Basically we were handed a bag and a list upon arrival and spent an hour rummaging through stuffed aisles of candy looking for specific ones that we then got to take home free of charge. Their selection is bonkers and we were tempted to buy pounds more (chocolate covered orange peel is what I'm all about), but resisted until we finish off the free stuff. In Albuquerque, we used to hit up the cutest little candy shop in Old Town for their chocolate covered orange peel and homemade butterfingers. I've really been missing that place and maybe lady New York knew and she was like, 'Here you go. It isn't quite the same, but I think it'll do.' and it hit the spot. After we had gathered up more candy than we usually eat in an entire year, we reveled in the greasy cheesy goodness of a one dollar slice of pizza (the best thing about NYC, I think) on the walk back to the subway station.

These dates have been really fun for us. It's overwhelming to be in a new place, period, but there is just so much going on in this city. We're always trying to figure out what to do on the weekends, but can never come up with anything because there's just too much to choose from! Having someone idiot-proof it for us has been nice. We're hoping to luck out and find a babysitter for this next date! 

Stay tuned.


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