Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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In my opinion, there are two summers - the first few weeks of Summer that could probably be categorized as Spring in which you feel motivated and adventurous, so you go to festivals and on picnics and explore new neighborhoods, then there's the rest of Summer when you can't bare to move too much in your house without being drenched in sweat, much less go for a walk on the streets, so you go into a Winter-like hibernation and that is what a Summer reading list is for, my friends. That miserable time of the year is coming and I'm not saying we're going to sit in the house the entire month of July - I'll make an effort to not do that because I know I'll be wishing for the hot days come Winter, but I also know I'll be making my way to the beach with a book and a cooler and that will be my to-do list for the day, many days this Summer. It feels really good to be able to say that because beach days were once a year events when I was a kid, probably less. The fact that we have so many backyards to choose from this Summer has me giddy! New York City has it all whether you're looking for sunny beaches, solitude in a lush, green park, a walk in a soulful, lively neighborhoods, or a moment to stand and marvel at the uplifting, towering skyscrapers. Anyway, books - I've put together a list of the ones I'll be throwing in my beach bag, but I also know of a ton that I've already read that would make good company in your beach chair. I love to talk nerd with anyone about books, so don't be shy. Enjoy!


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