Thursday, June 12, 2014

I feel like the snow-capped Winter days are just barely behind us, but I'm already dreading their return. I've been trying to think of the all the things I wanted to do when I was holed up in a one bedroom apartment with three adults and a two year old and a dog in DC during the unending polar vortex of 2014 or what I always dreamt of doing when my sole desire in life was to move here? I've found that it can be quite overwhelming to think about all the possibilities, all the things you want to see and do and experience in a city this size. It can also be kind of exhausting, trying to run all over the city to here and there and 'I've always wanted to do this,' but it's a good kind of exhausting and we're all exhausted practically all the time, that's life, so why shouldn't it be the good kind? Summer and I, we kind of have a weird relationship. I'm much more of a Fall girl, but Summer is a welcome contrast to Winter because I could just say no to Winter forever.

I used to think snow was pretty and it probably still is, but when you've seen snow like I have (piles of dog pee stained ice on the sides of the sidewalk and black sludge on the edges of the road that never melts), it just ruins it for you. I will always take snow on Christmas, and maybe New Years, but after that I'm ready for Spring already. We (mostly Alex because I could never do that to Brooklyn) keep talking about going back to Albuquerque eventually, mostly for the perfect weather. Most people think New Mexico is a hot barren wasteland like Phoenix. I like to nod along when people talk about Albuquerque like that because it feels like I'm keeping a little piece of perfect weather heaven a secret, and I like secrets. We moved here knowing it probably wouldn't be forever and while Alex has sealed the deal and is a diehard not-forever-New-Yorker, I'm still open to the idea of being one of those 90 year old ladies hoofing it up and down the subway stairs at a surprising speed, married to the cute old man that sits on the bench with me outside the market a few blocks from our apartment and 'ooh's and 'ahh's at all the babies that walk by. I like to stop and let them stare at Ev extra long because it feels like seeing into the future and Ev is a really nice baby to gawk at in my opinion. She bats her eyelashes and says 'hi' and 'bye' at all the right times and usually isn't too grubby.

Anyway, back to Summer - we're trying to make the best of it because a part of me will die when Winter comes. I'm the Queen of lists, so I made one of our Summer plans, a sort of Jacobs' Summer manifesto if you will. It's all pretty obvious Summer things, but it makes me feel a little less panicky when Alex asks, 'So what are we doing with weekend?' and I have a list to consult. We have plans to mark berry picking off the list this weekend and I'm way more excited than a grown woman should be about picking strawberries. I think I'm actually excited about the drive there more than the strawberry picking because living in the city makes getting in a car a novelty. It's like going to a theme park or something. 'I get to ride in the car today?!'

On another note, it's been kind of rainy lately, but it hasn't rained at all. Isn't that weird? Soupy days in the Jacobs' house call for dance parties among other things like fort building and letting my two year old watch way too many Disney movies and rotting her brain according to the parenting Gods of the internet, but let's focus on dance parties because I have a confession. I am the worst dancer ever or maybe I'm the best dancer ever and my style just hasn't caught on yet? It resembles Elaine from Seinfield. I just don't know what to do with my hands. I get too excited and the music gets to me and I just lose control, then I'm like 'Get yourself together!' and I just clam up and that makes it even worse. My freshman year of college I went to a club and anyone that knows me knows that's hilarious, but everyone I came with started to dance, so I started to dance because I didn't want to be that girl that is sitting alone and thus invites all the guys to come and ask her questions, so I danced. And I thought I was doing pretty good until a guy came to dance beside me and my mind said, "Your good dance streak is over." My body promptly followed my thoughts and this guy, he noticed. You could see it on his face. His eyes got wide and he tried to cooly back away, but keep dancing. So I gave up on trying to dance like everyone else or trying to dance in public period and saved up all my spastic dance moves for my toddler on rainy morning to the credits of Ferngully.

The end.

fly a kite • build an epic sandcastle
explore all the best splash pads • blow a lot of bubbles
buy some sidewalk chalk • picnics in the park
swimming • beach days

lemonade • plastic bag ice cream • seafood
farmer's market • berry picking • watermelon

zoo • aquarium • children's museum
transit museum • high line

cookout in a park • thrifting • fireworks
free movie in a park • ev's first carousel ride
free kayaking

governor's island • walk across the brooklyn bridge
summer streets • statue of liberty • ellis island


  1. Okay that is the cutest fridge / fridge art ever!

    1. Thanks! Ev has loved looking at it and talking about all the things she sees. She gets giddy when we talk about bubbles and the carousel! Ha!

  2. I just found you through your comment on Annapolis and Co's site, and I am so glad I found you! Your blog and your life are just delightful. I'll be adding you to my feedly and following along!


    1. Thanks, Becca! I'm following along with you too now!



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