Monday, June 16, 2014

Last week I set to work brainstorming, made some quick doodles, and shared a little list of to-dos for our first Summer here in the city. I've never lived somewhere where the seasons were celebrated so passionately. This city lives and breathes the seasons. When you walk down its streets, people are embracing Summer with everything in them, deep down into their souls. I've never been so mindful of taking advantage of the warm season. While it sounds a tad bit ridiculous to drive all the way to the end of Long Island for some strawberries, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The traffic was horrific and I have no idea what to do with two quarts of strawberries, but we got juice stains on our hands and dirt in our toes and it was worth it. I swear the strawberries are multiplying in the fridge each time I peek in there. They're making strawberry babies in there, I tell ya!

Friday night was a rainy one, so we hunkered down at home after a quick run to the store down the street named 'Organic Candy' for some strawberry licorice. The ironic thing is they really aren't a candy store at all, just a bodega with two little shelves of organic candy. I'm constantly amazed at the number of bodegas in this city. They all look exactly the same! They all sell the same things! All of their stock has been sitting on a shelf for 10 years or more! How do they stay in business? Who shops there besides people like us who need some occasional licorice? What makes you want to go into the bodega business knowing there are fifty of the same stores in a two block radius? It baffles me. Anyway, we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alex and I surprisingly still knew every word to every song because we both used to watch it obsessively as kids. True love. Ev loved it and I'm glad because you can't really be part of the Jacobs family if you don't love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. While we're on the topic of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory rules, it's impossible to watch it without buying candy. Try it, I dare you.

We woke up Saturday morning with sugar hangovers and made our usual special Saturday breakfast - biscuits with gravy. We aren't really pancake people, so we make biscuits, but if we had a waffle maker we would definitely be waffle people (which is curious because it's basically the same batter cooked in a different shape). After we'd finished our breakfast and packed up a picnic lunch, we hit the road headed for Long Island and ended up in Riverhead at Golden Earthworm Organic Farm. We loaded up our baskets with strawberries, rolled in the dirt a little, and made our way back home sticky and happy. Ev spent most of her energy on collecting twigs to 'make fire' and squishing the strawberries people had dropped by stepping on them, but managed to get a few good berries into the baskets too. This was my first time picking strawberries on a farm and I had no ida they could taste so good! I might never be able to enjoy another strawberry from the grocery store again. Right off the vine they're so soft they almost melt in your mouth. The ones that have been in the sun are warm, the ones in the shade a fresh and cool. It really is like Summer in your mouth. If you want more info on their berry picking season, see their u-pick page. They may only be open one more weekend, so if you local readers want to check it out you better plan on going this weekend! A little tip not listed on their website: they're cash only.

Sunday we did what Sunday's were made for, cooking and resting and reconnecting with your couch cushions. Celebrations are at an all time low key record these days because of finances, so we celebrated Father's Day by letting Papa cook dinner without a toddler underfoot. It resulted in the most delicious green chile enchiladas I've ever tasted. I had my fill of green chili enchiladas living in New Mexico, so that's saying something. That man is always impressing me with his hidden cooking talents. I do a pretty decent job, but I feel like the wrong person might be doing the majority of the culinary activities around here.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I really love reading about your weekends and family adventures, so don't be shy!

If your fridge is overflowing with strawberries like mine: Strawberry Lemon Yogurt Muffins.

Over the weekend I also got a chance to work on the blog design just a little more - notice the fancy social media buttons over there?! (I just jumped back on the Twitter bandwagon after deleting it a few months ago, so if Twitter is your thing then you're in luck!) There's a shop link and little button over there to make voting for us on Top Baby Blogs easier. We've dropped behind a bit over the last few weeks, so click through if you're feeling generous. I also made a handy dandy blog button for you over there! If you feature TLWH somewhere on your blog, please let me know! It feels good to be doing a bit of housekeeping around here!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and I wish I had a strawberry farm in my yard! they are seriously my favorite food in the summer! Also love your dress and shoes, so cute and summery!

    1. Thank you! I actually wore that dress on the first day of my senior year of high school! Ha! Right after we got home the strap snapped on it, so I'm thinking about making it a skirt.

  2. Ohhh I want to take my daughter Strawberry picking so bad but she's allergic :( I heard the farms near me do peaches and blueberries too, though, so it's still on my checklist... I'd just personally rather eat the strawberries haha I'm afraid if she even picks them she'll get sad she can't eat them at home.

    1. There are some farms near us that do way more than strawberries. I'm sure blueberry picking would be just as fun! They aren't quite as squishy either, so it wouldn't be as much of a mess!



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