Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I've done something similar to this a few times before (here and here), but I've been thinking of making it a regular thing here. I really enjoy taking the time to refocus and leave bits of our season of life here regularly and it seems especially fitting with Summer approaching.

making • a lot lately and it feels good - dresses and graphics and some delicious meals
cooking • sourdough cinnamon raisin bread
drinking • leftover coffee from this morning
reading • the Goldfinch - I'm almost 200 pages in and I'm still not sure what to think.
wanting • a new camera lens
looking • for inspiration wherever I go
playing • with finger puppets and plastic animals with Ev
wasting • a lot of time lately, but I'm working on that
sewing • headbands - coming soon to the shop if I like the results
wishing • for longer weekends
enjoying • writing about this city
waiting • for Ev to wake up from a nap so we can head out for a walk
liking • fresh fruits and salads these days - my grocery bill is not
wondering • what it would feel like to have two children
loving • our neighborhood and church
hoping • to build a good life here
marveling • at how productive you can be when you really try
needing • another household income
smelling • coffee and strawberries
wearing • pajamas and it's 2 PM - I love my job.
following • this blog
noticing • that Ev is stringing together sentences now
knowing • it will all work out
thinking • always - my mind is never silent
feeling • like I need to work on finding peace in the midst of chaos
bookmarking • weaving tutorials - for when there are 6 more hours in a day
opening • up to the idea of initiating friendships with other women - this introvert thing is getting lonely
laughing • at my kid, always - she's my favorite.
feeling • a bit overwhelmed with life, but we'll make it.

I saw this over here. Leave a link below if you join in!


  1. I love these kinds of posts. I feel like it is almost like a brain cleanse. Just getting everything out on the table!

  2. Taking stock lists are my favorite :) Same with the fresh fruit and salads and wallets not liking it. I hate how healthy food is so expensive!



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