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Monday, July 21, 2014


You seem to have a gift for creating your own haven. You are spunky and spirited, a conversationalist and seeker of answers. It's a gift of yours that I often fail to cultivate. It's something that every adult longs for their children to be, but we all simultaneously become annoyed by these attributes and the endless noise. When we're out in nature, it all changes. I can see that it becomes a spiritual thing for you. It nurtures your soul to get your hands stained with berry juice and dirt caked to your feet. As we walk through rows of strawberries or wade into a creek, all of your questions seem to have no bearing. I hear no, 'What's that?' or even shouts of praise. I only see an eagerness to explore, to soak it all in, to run wild and free.

When I'm an old woman that has succumb to a quiet life and been left with my thoughts, I know that I'll often pull these beach days from my arsenal of memories and dwell on them for hours. I will savor the way time seemed to move slow in the moment, but the day seemed to pass quickly. A small smile will come to my face, then crack open wide as my heart breaks at the thought of your bravery growing until you ran straight into the water and kept walking past your waist, oblivious to why the water was getting deeper. You fell into a crashing wave, face first, and Papa had to run and pull you out as he unsuccessfully tried to hide a smile - he smiled not in mocking you, but in appreciation of your innocence. Memories from your first few months of life feel so foggy in my mind, but I hold onto the moments that I marveled at you and all I could think was, 'You're magical.' That thought follows me now, two years later as you dig in the sand and run on the beach. 'You're magical' rings through the air and I'm sure it will continue singing your praises long into your adulthood. I can only imagine your wedding day. As you stand and join yourself with another, tears are sure to stream down my cheeks and I know my heart will still be singing, 'you're magical.' As I watch you nurse and rock your babies to sleep one day, I know I'll still be thinking, 'you're magical.'

Your imagination and ability to pretend is starting to blossom. You share your food with your animals and put them to bed, you like to put things on your head to serve as a hat and do 'magic tricks,' and I am often standing still with a smile on my face as you 'zoom zoom' around me to shouts of 'to da rescue!' It brings me unimaginable joy to watch you bridge that gap between baby and kid each day.

We took a little road trip out of the city in search of some seclusion and quiet. We packed a picnic and sat on a rock that we originally thought was large enough for the three of us, but it seems we take up more space than we thought. Our feet dangled in the creek water as we talked of the things we wanted for our family, one of them being to be surrounded by beauty and nature daily. After we polished off our tuna pita sandwiches, watermelon, and bag of chips, we waded through the water and just wandered. Papa and I looked at each other in disbelief as you became the bravest soul right before our eyes. You were fearless, running into the water waist high without a care. I had to run to keep up with you and make sure you didn't get swept away by the current. It was a day that nourished our souls and brought us closer as a family.


  1. Aw I can't wait to pick berries and yay for the beach!

  2. Wow, this brought tears to my eyes multiple times! Your daughter is going to cherish reading your memories of her as much as you're going to cherish remembering them! Beautiful post!

  3. What a beautiful space you've created! Evangeline was my first pick for a name for my daughter too but my husband vetoed it!



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