Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A few months ago when it was still a barren polar vortex wasteland of sludge outside, I started crocheting a scarf, a birthday scarf to be precise, but since said birthday was in February I've named it 'You taught me how to love crocheting in the Summer.' scarf. You see, I always thought crocheting in the Summer was a bit oxymoronic. It's a hundred degrees outside and you're making a scarf? That's strange, I would have said. Now I find it absolutely genius. You see, as I'm crocheting scarves indoors in the worst parts of Winter, I do it begrudgingly. It's cold outside and I just want to finish this blasted scarf so I can wear it, is what I usually think. Come Summer, you have all the time in the world before cold weather arrives, which seems to make you even more efficient in some strange way. When it's so hot in your apartment that you can't bear to move more than a crochet stitch requires and your face is melting off, but you can't just sit on your couch and mindlessly stare at the wall, you crochet and dream of Fall leaves. After the horrendous Winter of 2013, I'm perfectly content as my face is melting off, but the Winter is inevitable and the thought of that is depressing, so you do the next best thing and think of Fall, perfect Fall. Now most people would think that what I'm about to share should have been kept private to preserve my husband's reputation, but he's a shameless man and I kind of love that about him, so here we go. He asked me to teach him how to crochet this weekend (for rugged, outdoor survival, basket weaving purposes of course), so I did and it gave me the crochet bug, so I picked up my abandoned scarf project and hook and finished that puppy up, then quickly got on with another project for myself because I never make anything for myself. I wanted something sort of like this, but I'm really still in the video tutorial comfort zone of crocheting, so I looked for something similar on Youtube and found a shawl tutorial that I thought would make a good scarf if I folded it over on itself a few times. Then I went a little overboard and ordered way too many skeins of fun yarn in hopes of making Ev this ridiculous hat that I know she'll love.


  1. You are so right about crocheting in the summer. I always mean to start hats and mitts in the summer but never do because...well, because it feels weird to make winter things in the summer! But it makes total sense! Your scarf is lovely!

    Way to go to your husband for learning to crochet! I've tried to get my husband to learn but no dice! One day...

  2. Knitting for winter in summer makes the most sense to me because then you get to look forward to wearing the scarf when it's done :)...although face melting off heat sounds tough!



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