Thursday, July 17, 2014

There's something about crossing this bridge on the way out of the city with it's flag waving high and it's solid arches that speaks to me. It's like a wave goodbye from the city itself, a declaration of constance - 'no matter where you go, I'll be here changing and inspiring and doing what I've always done.' We weren't going far, we were coming back in just a few hours, but watching the last bits of the New York City skyline fade away on the horizon is always bittersweet. This family, we're a walking contradiction. We're three parts love for this city like you've never seen and another three parts farm dreams. It's quite the web to try to untangle, but we tried as we sat on those rocks with our tuna sandwiches in hand and it's just impossible. I have a deep devotion for the city. If I was forced to stay and never be able to set foot outside of it again, I'd die a happy woman. It's the only place I'll ever want to be day in and day out, but it doesn't hold it all. It doesn't tickle all my fancies as they say and that rings even truer for my rugged at heart, wilderness loving husband.


It's been a bit quiet around here as I've had my mind filled to the brim with things that I'll share here in time. I go through short spurts of creating followed by periods of brainstorming, but can usually never do both at the same time. Last Sunday we took a little road trip out of the city in search of some seclusion and it really got our wheels turning. We packed a picnic and sat on a big rock with our feet swinging in the water while we talked about the things we wanted for our family and how we both have a desire to be surrounded by beauty and nature eventually. We waded through the creek, watching our two year old turn into the bravest soul right before our eyes. She was fearless, running into the water waist high. I had to run to keep up with her and make sure she didn't get swept away by the current. She was in her element.

You can read more about Harriman State Park here. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is living in the city and Central Park just isn't cutting it. It is full of jaw-dropping beauty and we only had time to explore a small sliver of it.



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