Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sometimes weekends are rejuvenating and full of rest and sometimes I feel like I need a week long nap come Monday. Our weekend was full, but full of good things and it was somehow a bit relaxing too, but I'm still tired. Once again, we waited until the last minute to use our free date from How About We for the month, so it ended up being a family date. I really don't mind as we don't get a chance to get out as a family often enough anyway, but I'm determined to try and squeeze a Mama and Papa only date out of July. Friday the whole family got all gussied up and jumped on the train headed for the East Village, which turned out to be a much more difficult task than I had anticipated. We left right around rush hour and it gets crazy at rush hour - there are a lot of people, yes, but some of the trains turn into express trains and all of the N's were turning around at the Manhattan Bridge and going back to Coney Island and I swear it's like the elevator on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come four o'clock or so - '. . .it goes sideways, and slantways, and longways, and back ways. . . and square ways, and front ways, and any other ways that you can think of.' So we train hopped for a good hour and a half before finally arriving at our stop. By the time we had gotten onto the last train Ev was sobbing, "I don't wanna go on another subwayyy.' Isn't it funny how toddlers always passionately display how you honestly feel too? It isn't really acceptable for me to ugly cry about taking the third subway of the night, but boy do I wish it was.

Anyway, we hopped off the train and of course we all needed to pee. I feel like I might need to start carrying adult diapers around with me because the public bathroom situation in this city is just ridiculous. Ev is probably ready to potty train, but it practically makes me break out in hives just thinking about it. Anytime I take her out and tell her to tell me when she needs to use the potty, she does, but then a bathroom is no where in sight and I have to be like, 'Just go man. Just go.' which kind of negates the whole premise behind potty training. If you do find a public bathroom, it either closes around five o'clock (because no one needs to pee past five?) or it takes a quarter to get in and I almost never have one. I guess they think if they make you give them a quarter, you're committed now, you've invested in this bathroom so you won't trash it, but it really does the opposite for me. I walk up to the door, realize I can't get in, and immediately want to go find a quarter just to go inside and string toilet paper from the rafters or something. So we're slowly learning the tricks of navigating the public bathroom issues here and one place we usually end up heading for are crowded bars. Someone parks outside with the baby while the other goes in to scout the place out and see if it the bathroom could be hijacked without anyone noticing. It's usually so loud and crowded that no one can tell you aren't a customer - almost every business has a sign on the door thats says bathrooms are for paying customers only which is usually an obvious sign that I don't want to give them my business.

After we all snuck in and out of a bar, we made our way into a little pizza place (where Ev became friends with the twirly bar stools) with $2 slices and filled our bellies, then we headed next door to Mikey Likes It for some ice cream. We got two free scoops each with our How About We date - I got purple rain (blueberry) and southern hospitality (butter pecan), and Alex got their triple chocolate and coconut ice cream with chocolate and almond chunks. Every flavor I tried was delicious. We'll definitely be back, but I'll probably just get the butter pecan next time! I'm such a sucker for butter pecan. As we ate our ice cream, we made our way down to South Street Seaport. I say 'made our way' like it was a short stroll down the block, but it was actually two miles. What's funny is to most people two miles is not walking distance, but in New York you pull it up on a map and say, 'Oh, two miles - that's not that far. Let's go.' Our pants are literally falling off of both of us from all the walking since living here.

While we were walking, we ran into the end of the Gay Pride Parade. Most kids would show some sort of excitement or curiosity at people walking down the street dressed like this, but Ev was just looking around like it was the norm. I guess that's how I know she's an official city kid now. We walk through a parade and she doesn't even blink. I'll never forget seeing a rather large man in nothing but a thong and hard hat when my sister and I ran into the parade during my bachelorette party weekend in 2009.

From the Brooklyn side of the river you can see this pirate ship by the shore and I always wondered what it was and why it never moved, so Alex did some investigating and found out it's a museum! The South Street Seaport Museum - it was closed by the time we made it there, but I'd really like to go check it out during the day soon. We stood on the boardwalk for a long while watching people swing from a trapeze and listening to Alex tell me I was bonkers for wanting to take a trapeze class (but I still do). Then we walked along the promenade for a good while checking out the view and trying to keep Ev far away from people she was making loud embarrassing commentary on (a man running without his shirt - 'He running nakey!' accompanied by laughs • a little person walking in front of us rather swiftly - 'Run baby lady, run!'). Two is really fun, but I have a feeling embarrassment in public is about to become the regular very soon.

Saturday morning we woke up and took a drive to our church's community garden to help them water and harvest. Afterwards, we decided to stop at Home Depot for some things we've been meaning to buy since we moved in, like screens. It turns out I still love Home Depot even in the city. We bought some houseplants and tomato plants while we were there and planted them all yesterday. We debated on whether to spend money on houseplants because there are so many more important (and expensive) things we need, but decided that the little touches are what make a place home and ours needed some love. I'll share some pictures of the beginnings of our urban garden later this week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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  1. Gorgeous photos of the bridges! Potty training does sound super difficult in your situation. The hardest part of potty training my daughter was what to do when out in public because we are always out and about. I got one of those fold up portable potty rings on Amazon and it was a life saver. Not only does it help her small bottom fit better but she doesn't have to sit on the actual public toilet seat. However, you don't even have available public restrooms often so I guess that doesn't really help out. Good luck :(

    1. I found something called a potette plus that is basically a potty ring with legs that allows you to put an absorbent bag under the hole and then throw it away. I've thought about getting one of those for a while now, but it still doesn't solve the problem of peeing in public. I don't really want to teach my kid that's ok! Lol. I still have to search out a private spot for her and that seems like it might be just as difficult in a bustling city. We'll figure it out soon, I guess!



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