Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was ecstatic of course, but soon I did the math and felt sorry for this kid. She was destined to have lame Winter birthdays the rest of her life - think skating rinks and noodle necklace making. I'm an early March-er and it's always a toss up, but if you want to have it outside you better have an alternate inside plan because chances are it will be raining. Because I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate and I figured there was probably no chance of good weather in February (except in glorious New Mexico), I decided on a compromise with Mother Nature. We'd celebrate half birthdays and she could have free reign do whatever she wants on the real day! Ev's half birthday just happens to fall on August 1st, so Alex took the day off and we made our way up to The Bronx Zoo. We're zoo people. We're the zoo-iest people you'll ever meet, I think. Every road trip we take, we try to fit a zoo in there somewhere, but man is The Bronx Zoo way up there. We had plans to be real New Yorkers and ride the subway all the way up there, but they don't open until 10, which means we'd be headed back past nap time and if there is one thing we've learned about city living with a kid is never be on the subway past nap time. You can be anywhere else, but if you're still sitting on a bench in a sub way car all hell is going to break loose. It's a law of the NYC universe, I tell ya.

So we drove across the Brooklyn Bridge and up along the edge of Manhattan with views of the East River on our right and the city on our left and thanked our lucky stars we kept our car because it has to be the loveliest drive we'll ever take. There's just something about crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, seeing the Freedom Tower just hanging out up there above the rest of the crowd, and spotting glimpses of the Empire State Building on a drive to somewhere as normal as the zoo that make you want to scream, "IS THIS REAL LIFE?!'

Anyway, the Bronx Zoo is the world's largest metropolitan zoo, so we had to take it seriously and how do you take a zoo trip seriously? By buying t-shirts, of course! We agreed that wearing them while we still live in the city is off limits, but once we leave it's free game - touristy zoo shirts all around! They had no pleasing designs on t-shirts for two year olds, so we bought Ev an extra small and said it'll be a sleep shirt. I cringed as I put it on her. I can't believe she's old enough to buy souvenir shirts for. My dad bought me at least five souvenir shirts a year as a kid, I swear, and it was so endearing in a dorky dad way that I swore I'd have to do the same for my kids.

I can't even stand how nerdy cute she looks in these sunglasses. I could eat her.

All in all, I would call the trip a big success. We got to see them feed the sea lions, which I always manage to miss by like two minutes at any zoo. I always wander up after everyone is clearing out and stand there looking around like, 'Hey, what's going on guys?' I think I may have been more excited to have caught the sea lion feeding than Ev - and who knew baby sea lions were so cute? I think they might win the cutest baby animal award in my book. Ev fell asleep on the way home in the car and when she woke up she said, 'Let's go see some more animals!' She was pretty upset when we explained we weren't going back today, but perked up a bit when she learned that she had two gifts to open at home. She's watched the little girls in the neighborhood zip by pushing their baby dolls in tiny strollers since we moved here and has even tried to high tail it out of the playground with a few of them, so I decided to get her one. She promptly took to stuffing her 'Tigger baby' in it and ramming it into the backs of my heels. It's worth it to see her smile, right?


It seems that her favorite part of the zoo was actually the part without any real animals. She loved the dinosaurs!

Unrelated tangent: The night before we woke up to go to the zoo, the sound of shattering glass tumbling down our fire escape woke us in the middle of the night. Alex's first reaction was that of course, someone had Spiderman-ed it up to our third story window and he was prepared to draw blood and even had plans to bludgeon someone with my sewing machine. I on the other hand thought someone was smashing out the windows of the cars down below and hoped they'd find what they were looking for before they got to ours. It turned out to be neither - an apartment two floors up was on fire. That in itself is not the shocking part. Alex stuck his head out the door to find a large group of firemen pulling a hose up our stairwell. When asked if we needed to evacuate, the answer was, 'It's up to you.' Alex stood there half asleep and confused for a moment like any sane person would do then was like, 'No, bro. It's up to you. I haven't been to the scene of the fire.' In the end, with no help from the nonchalant fireman, we decided to stay put because Evie had miraculously slept through this. You wake up at 6 A.M. to drink some coffee in peace and she's wide awake at 6:05. Forty three fire trucks park on our block and sound the alarms all night, sixteen firemen run up and down our stairwell and yell in the hallway, then bust all the windows out two floors up to send shards of glass careening down the side of the building and she doesn't budge. Go figure.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. If you blogged about it, feel free to leave a link.


  1. Wow that zoo looks awesome. It's close to me so I'll have to check it out. I'm happy that you didn't get hurt by the fire above you guys! That's so crazy how casual that fireman was haha



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