Wednesday, August 6, 2014

laughing herself silly after stealing my snack • 'hop hop hop' with her bunny crackers

'SMELLS LIKE BOOBIES!' said after she watched me smell my bra before I put it on to make sure it was clean. (04/04/2014)

I noticed Ev doing something funny with (on top of) her giraffe. When questioned she said matter of factly, 'Dis Papa giraffe, Mama. Me ride on him's should-ahs.' (06/25/2014)

Upon asking her what kind of eggs she wanted lumpy (scrambled), round (boiled), or flat (fried), she thinks for a moment and excitedly replies with 'BROWN!' (06/26/2014)

Two in one night - said about a man running without a shirt, accompanied by a laugh, 'He running NAKEY!' Then we began walking behind a little person who was walking rather swiftly. Shouts of 'run baby lady, run!' came from the stroller while we began trying to meander and fall behind in hopes of her not hearing us and getting her feelings hurt. (06/27/2014)

'DON'T PUNCH MY DINOSAUR!' after I asked her to do a completely unrelated and nonthreatening task for me.

In the South (where Alex and I were raised), you're not 'being mean,' you're 'being ugly.' We unintentionally started using the word for when Ev is throwing a fit and she picked up on it. After we had a spat about eating breakfast and I had given her the mom look, she picked up her drawing board and said, 'Me drawing you scary eyes, Mama! You being ugly!' (06/30/2014)

Alex and Ev like to wrestle and he pretends to eat her toes and her cheeks, etc. She climbed up onto the couch, grabbed his ear and said, 'Let me fold your ear up so I can eat it like a sam-wich!' (07/04/2014)

As we were out for an evening walk, Ev hears the ice cream truck coming and gasps, 'It's da mail truck with the ice tream tones!' (07/09/2014)

We went to visit an expecting friend. When I tried to explain to Ev that there was a baby in her belly she said, 'Oh. . . please, you open it!' and patted her belly. (07/10/2014)

Alex and I were laughing together and Ev pipes in with, "What's so funny? Me have jokes!"

P.S. Past watermelon pictures here.


  1. Oh my gosh all of those moments are so cute. Cracked me up a few times. I can't wait until my daughter is putting together more sentences that are document-worthy. I'm certainly going to be making similar posts on my blog, too. We're pretty close since she's a little over two! So....sorry but I'm a fairly new follower but how old is your daughter? She's such a cutie. -Misty

  2. I love this little girl bunches! What a little precious!!! XO


  3. she's so funny! they're adorable at this age... and it's a superb idea to write it down



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