Monday, September 22, 2014

On the Friday before last we stood in our empty little Brooklyn apartment and said our goodbyes - to the quirky front door that made entirely too much noise when you shut it, to the kitchen where our meals and practically all of our memories were made, to the bedroom we spent many nights in, holding hands across mattresses and listening to the city below, and to the holes in the ceiling that we managed to laugh about for months. Leaving seemed a little sudden, even to us, but it was something we had known was coming. I love writing our story down here, but this has been something that I felt I needed to process in my own time, my own way, and I'm still not quite ready to give the world an explanation. What I am ready to share here is how good it feels to be back in a place that feels like home. As soon as we saw those mountains silhouetted by a Southwest sunset, our bodies all just breathed a sigh of relief. Brooklyn was a really good time for our family and it will always have been worth it, but it was also one of the hardest times. Since leaving, we've been spontaneously assembling a list of things we learned while living there - No distance is ever too far to walk. New Yorkers have a unique skill for using the F word - I've never heard that word used in so many ways, so many times in one sentence in all my life. Soda water is underrated. Grocery shopping is the single most challenging thing you can do in the city, besides moving. Brokers are people of the most horrible kind. The largest city in the country doesn't feel so big once you live there.

I'll never forget our last night there spent walking through our neighborhood, eating a late dinner at the pizza place it took us a few trial runs to find, and falling asleep together on the air mattress with views of the Freedom Tower beams shooting through the sky out our window. We have so many good memories to hold onto of our time spent in the city, but it still feels really good to be back in New Mexico. There's no doubt that Brooklyn will always be a part of us. Even children we haven't had yet will hear the tales of Brooklyn from us and will feel a connection to this place that other people don't have. There will always be a little part of me wandering the streets of the city, pushing that stroller along, on our next city adventure. Since coming back to Albuquerque, we've spent the majority of our time visiting with old friends, soaking up the Southwest sun during the day, and admiring the stars at night. We're staying with some beautiful friends of ours while we sort out the finer details of our lives, so we're still in limbo a bit, but we're finding peace in already feeling fairly settled in our lives here. It took mere minutes for us to look at each other with big smiles on our faces and say, 'It feels right.' We've been talking of our plans and all we really want to do is plant some roots, make a home, and raise some babies. So here's to that, the end of a memorable chapter, and the beginning of a new and hopeful one.


  1. Written beautifully! We have moved so often that no one place really feels like home to us...yet. Brooklyn must have been quite the adventure! Hopefully you guys can slow down a bit and enjoy the warmer weather :)

  2. What a drastic change! Good luck with your new home and adventures :)

  3. You can always visit... or not :). Your writing already seems much sunnier! You took a giant leap of faith only to find out home is in another place and I'm sure you're glad you took that leap. I was wondering what was going on because your blog was so quiet. Welcome back!



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