Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's been a tad bit quiet over here as we're all trying to adjust to life in New Mexico again. Instead of blogging, I've been using the majority of my down time reading or organizing pictures, but I'm starting to ease back into my normal groove and catch up on posts. The week before we left Brooklyn, my Mom came for a visit. We were really more focused on spending time together than giving her the grand tour, so we didn't get around to showing her much. We did manage to take the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm usually not impressed with the tourist attractions, but something about the open air, city views, and magnitude of it all made Lady Liberty worth it. We had been admiring her from afar for quite some time now. Anytime we got a good sweeping view of the skyline, Ev would point out the 'Satch-oo of Wib-tee.' No view compares to standing under the real thing though. At some point I'd love to got through the museum at the base and climb to the crown, but the museum wasn't feasible with a toddler who needed a nap in tow and they don't allow kids under 4 in the crown. Though we're no longer Brooklynites, we aren't done with New York. We still have a long list of things we would love to do, so a trip in the near future is inevitable. Before going, it didn't seem like there would be a lot to do and I wasn't sure how enjoyable it might be for Ev, but she was surprisingly excited about the whole thing. She loved the ferry ride, the walk along the edge of the island, looking at the skyline through the view finder, and standing under the 'big lady holding an ice cream cone' as she liked to call her. After my mom's visit was over, we set to work packing and headed out just a few days later, so these are the last of our New York pictures. Each time we move, it's even more surreal as to how fast your life can change with just a rental truck and a drive.


  1. These are the coolest Statue of Liberty photos!

  2. good luck in your move and i wish you plenty of great moments iin new mexico!



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