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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Some of my best memories from my childhood are of doing family crafts. They were also something that I looked forward to the most about having kids someday. We're slowly inching closer to that time where we can sit down and do a craft together. You requested 'buttah-fwy wings,' so I made do with what we had on hand and you loved them.

We took you to the Bronx Zoo for a half birthday celebration of sorts. Your birthday usually falls on a nasty, Winter day so we like to do one of those fun outdoor things you're always pining for in the dead of Winter. You liked the butterfly exhibit and gorillas a lot, but your absolute favorite was the dinosaur safari.

We all took a trip to the MOMA and stopped off for a little picnic on a Central Park boulder afterwards. We watched the the horse and carriages 'clop-clop' by from our mountain on high and you told me the purple one with the big feather on it's head was your favorite.

We took a drive to Niagara Falls for the weekend to celebrate Mama and Papa's fifth anniversary. It was a quick trip, so we did the Cave of the Winds (which you simultaneously peed your pants laughing and sobbed through) and left the tourist attractions at that. I sometimes worry that you won't find our adventures fun, but I'm not sure why I ever doubt you - you have such an adventurous spirit, which makes traveling with you mostly a breeze. You always surprise me with how excited you are to just be somewhere new with us.

Our weekends have been full of adventures lately and it's been fun, but a bit exhausting. This weekend we took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. You called her 'the big lady holding an ice tream tone.'


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