Monday, November 24, 2014

Ev is really one of the only two year olds I've ever met who is so in tune with the weather. Each day she wakes up, each walk we take, she always mentions what the weather is like. 'It's windy today, Mama! The sun is out right now! It's rainy outside today!' As she watches the sky grow darker from the windows, she always says something along the lines of, 'It's almost night time, Mama?' As we drove over the hills and through the mountains headed into Albuquerque yesterday, she saw a hint of light on the edge of the horizon and said, 'The sun is almost down guys.' As we came to the last bend in the highway and looked out over the city, she spotted all the city lights and said, 'It was probably just all dose lights, huh?' She's been sensing the change in weather and noticing things like us putting on jackets before going outside. When she'd ask why I would tell her Winter is coming. From all of the books we've read, she knows Winter and snow go together, so she would look out the window for snow each time I said that. She's been waiting for snow for months. I'm not even sure she knew exactly what snow was, just that the concept of it was exciting. The morning of our first snow here, she woke up and peeled apart the blinds like she always does and yelled, 'Hey! There's snow out der! Winter is here!' and finished that off with a celebratory jump off the bed. The one thing she couldn't stop talking about as we donned our snow gear was tasting the snow. She remembered when I made her snow cream for the first time at our old house close to a year ago.

So we ventured outside after we had gotten all bundled up and put some breakfast in our bellies and Ev decided the first thing she wanted to do was sit and eat mittens full of snow. We went for a little walk through the woods and she spotted the Juniper berries still on the branches covered in white. We put a bowl out to catch the flakes still falling from the sky. We hit the slopes a few times with our sled in hand, but decided there wasn't quite enough on the ground to make it worth the effort. Alex tried to show her how to make a snow angel, but she was adamant that the snow would get in her eyes. When we headed back inside we made snow cream together and followed it up with a bubble bath and cups of hot tea. Later, Alex came home from work and Ev recited each ingredient of snow cream to him - there aren't many, but I gave her props for being two and remembering a recipe. This really was the perfect snow day in my opinion - the snow was fluffy, not a bit sludgy, the temperature wasn't frigid and there was no wind trying to make it's way through your jacket and into your soul. I'm probably the worst grump you'll ever meet when it comes to Winter, but my joy in each season has increased since having a two year old that loves everything about every season.


  1. Beautiful photos :) Love love the family snow picture



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