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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some days there is simply too much to explore, too many songs to be played, too much paint to create with to take the time to put on some pants first.


There are some days when everything goes wrong and it really does ruin it for you, but there are others that the mishaps just add to the charm of. This was a day like that. The night before this, we tried to take you to the balloon flicker, but a storm rolled in. We ended up watching the fireworks from the car. We woke up bright early to try to catch the mass ascension this morning, but it was too windy for them to go up. We huddled up and ate hot Krispy Kreme donuts instead and shouted 'uh-oh' as the balloons got blown over around us. Afterwards, we took our annual pumpkin patch trip (and you've still been talking about it and asking to go back months later).

We took pictures at the park for a pregnancy announcement - you're going to have a sister or brother in April!

We took you trick or treating tonight dressed as park rangers (and you as Smokey the Bear). This was the first year that you really understood the excitement of free candy, so you bravely led us through the dark neighborhood and marched right up to all of those doors. We woke up the next morning and you asked to do it all over again.

We took a tour of De Smet Dairy Farm and you really enjoyed it. It's so important to us that you grow up knowing what healthy food is and where it comes from. After you grasped that milk comes from the cows we were standing in front of, you kept asking, 'Can I have some? Can I taste it?' We took home a half gallon and you drank it enthusiastically.


The first snow of the year fell on Tijeras today. We did a little sledding, ate mitten-fulls of snow, and made snow cream.


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