Thursday, May 14, 2015

two days old

one week old

two weeks old
04.27 • 8 lb 8.5 oz + 21 in. long

three weeks old
05.06 • 9 lb 9 oz

one month old
05.11 • 10 lb 1.5 oz + 22 in. long

eating • unbelievably often during the day and it shows
sleeping • fairly well once we get you down, but bedtime is a struggle
wearing • size one diapers and 0-3 month clothes already - a week ago you could still squeeze into newborn sizes
milestones • 04.16 - first cloth diaper + first bath, 04.26 - first trip to the zoo, 05.10 - first hike, 05.16 - first time you smiled at Mama

I feel like you will have changed the most during this stretch of time than any that are approaching. In just a few short weeks, you feel so much more solid, so sure of your movements. You're starting to hold your head up for long stretches of time and have become much more active during the last week, kicking your legs wildly when I lay you down. I watch as you rock back and forth, able to roll onto your sides on your own, and I know how fast this will all go. Soon you'll start to watch your sister as she runs with reckless abandonment and you'll want to do the same. You are beginning to follow objects with your eyes and can spot my face quickly when I'm just a few feet from you. You were smiling often, but gave me your first true smile just yesterday (accompanied by the sweetest coos). We've heard you laugh twice in your sleep now and it is such a joyful sound. They were exuberant, as if you were holding nothing back and all your goodness spilled out. Your sister is entirely too in love with you. Many times a day I have to ask her to stop laying on top of you. She loves to rub her face in your wild hair, and you love when I run my fingers through it when you're nursing. You're the noisiest eater, always telling me with grunts and deep breaths how much you're enjoying your meal. You've started to grab onto the collar of my shirt when I hold you and something about that makes me smile a teary smile. You love to sleep with your arms curled up on your chest. We're still swaddling you, but you're protesting that more and more loudly with each passing day. We haven't given you a pacifier yet, but judging by how often you request Mama's presence, I'm guessing you'll never look back once we give you one. Each week I catch more glimpses of the little boy you'll be and while I'm savoring your babyhood, I really can't wait to meet him. You are magical and I'm completely enamored by you. If I could have, I would have spent this entire month staring at you and I would have never let you out of my arms.



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