Wednesday, June 10, 2015

five weeks old

six weeks old
hiking at Fourth of July Canyon

seven weeks old
06.01 • 12 lbs 1.5 oz

two months old

eating • a bit less often than last month, but still every three hours or so
sleeping • pretty well at night, but no consistent feeding schedule yet - you usually wake up twice + you're still fussy from 5-7/8 at night
wearing • 0-3 month onesies are snug, especially with a cloth diaper, but we're still trying to shove you in them - same with size 1 diapers. I think you'll have moved into 3-6 month clothes and size two diapers by next month.
milestones • taking a pacifier now, but you aren't a huge fan + turning your head to follow us around the room + 'talking' to us with coos + smiling more often, especially during diaper changes + holding your head up really well

Your eyes are still blue and I marvel at them every day. I'm unsure whether they'll stay blue or turn green like Papa's. No one in my family or Papa's family has blue eyes (except for Papa's pawpaw), so I never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby. I thought your hair would have started falling out by now like your sister's did, but no signs of that. You had so much hair to begin with that you don't even have a bald spot on the back of your head yet. You seem more comfortable laying alone now and are so patient with us. It takes a lot for you to truly cry. You're becoming much more interested in Ev now. She likes to play with you like she would a baby doll by putting blankets on you, 'shushing' you to sleep, giving you a pacifier, putting a bib on you, etc. Your relationship with each other right now is basically she is obsessed with you and you tolerate her. I let her bond with you in the ways she wants to a certain extent, but I often have to stop her and ask her to get out of your face or give you a break. You still give her quite a bit of coos and smiles each day. Like she did, you love to look around and I think you'll love learning. When you're fussy and nothing else can soothe you, walking you through the house with one hand under your butt and one under your head in a way that allows you to look around freely always helps. I feel like we've all settled into each other pretty well and your Papa and I aren't in survival mode anymore on most days. Watching you grow is bringing so much joy to our home.


  1. He is such a beautiful baby, Andrea; I'm in awe. It sounds like he fits in wonderfully and the Ev is enjoying having a baby brother. I feel like Raina was just that small, makes me a little sad. Enjoy your time with your little man!

  2. my goodness, his hair is AMAZING! lovely portraits. and isn't it crazy how quickly they grow in the first couple months?



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